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Wassup blogreaders,

it's more German hiphop time today for y'all guys, and this time you'll actually be able to 
understand the lyrics as the group/rapper I want to 
show you is rapping in English.

"SQUARE ONE" was a hiphop group formed end of the 
ninetees with the lead mc called "Ali Rasul".

I am saying was because the group was cancelled a 
couple of years ago, and very sadly Ali Rasul died of a heart attack last year. 

This is definitely something for y'all heads who liked 
NY rap from the ninetees and still dig the classic boom bap sound. I mean this is what made me love Hiphop. Check the production, some stuff is ten years old but still wonderful. 

And please check the style, flow and lyrical ability of Ali Rasul, who will always play in a league of it's own!

I am actually a bit melancholic when writing this, as 
listening to their songs makes me reminisce
about the past and the times when I was in my 
twenties already also producing music and always 
looking up to their production and the absolutely 
incredible delivery of Ali Rasul. 

As it is a small world, Ali Rasul himself was the senpai of CRADA, he saw his talent, and pushed him
to become the producer he is today. I never had the 
opportunity to meet him personally, but am
sure he was a good person and will be missed hardly. 

Making it even a smaller world, I remember an 
interview on German television where Ali Rasul stated
that his dream was to bring his music to Japan, as he 
feels people will like it and understand him due to english rapping. 

Well, who would have thought it is now my turn to 
show you the great music of Square One and Ali Rasul. 

Please enjoy. 


2011-02-16 08:10:22投稿者 : Chris Mako

    La Fouine vs. Laouni - Du bout des doigts (prod. by CRADA)

    Good evening Japan,it's your boy Chris again.

    I have some new shit for you guys and this time,
    I have two good reasons to show you.

    For one, it's a french hiphop track, and secondly it is produced
    by my man CRADA again!

    Man, that moth... err friend is productive! ^^

    La Fouine feat. Leila - Du bout des doigts [PLANETE RAP]

    Their album went to Top 1 Album on French iTunes Charts, so big up and Congratulations to CRADA for this success!!

    I also have something interesting to know about France:

    Since 1994, there is a french law that states that at least 40% of all airplay music on the radio or television needs to come from french artists. This actually boosted the sales of national artists, and led the way for smaller artists like Daft Punk, MC Solaar, Manu Chao etc.
    to get bigger and become international artists.

    There are pros and cons as I think it is some sort of censorship on one hand.

    On the other, you have better opportunities as a local artist to actually become
    bigger and make a living from music, which is getting harder more and more these days.

    More french labels opened up, as they knew there is a certain guarantee that
    their music will be played!

    Interesting ne?

    Twitter me and let me know what you think!


    My twitter

    2011-02-14 23:31:08投稿者 : Chris Mako

      Doitsu Gangsta Rap

      What's good everybody,

      today I wanna show you some more examples of 
      German Hiphop.

      Today, I have some real gangsta shit for you. 

      The rapper "Haftbefehl" (which translates to 
      "Arrest Warrant") is from Offenbach which is 
      near Frankfurt, my hometown, and both videos 
      are also shot here.

      He is causing lots of confusion in the German Hiphop 
      Scene, as one half absolutely hates him, while the 
      others love his gritty street style. He is surely 
      technically not the best MC, but he has that special 
      arrogant style to make people interested. 

      Fact is, he is definitely a real thug, who is very well 
      known to the police and who enjoys having his weapon dealer friends in his videos - in one, there is a guy 
      with a real rocket launcher. 
      Yes, a rocket launcher, I am not kidding. 
      It's crazy, you can see it at the end.

      Another song: "I have to stay awake", 
      where he talks about how he deals every night and takes coke to stay awake. 

      Pretty gangsta, huh?


      2011-02-11 05:02:09投稿者 : Chris Mako

        Happy Birthday J Dilla!

        Today is the birthday of a great hiphop producer who passed away way too early.

        Instead of saying RIP, I wanna tell him Happy Birthday. I think he would be very happy to know
        that he actually left some traces on this earth and people still remember his music.

        I really love this beat here. Actually, I remember the first time I heard this beat on the "BE" Album of Common. It was actually the first time I went to Japan back in 2005. I sat on the Airport Limousine Bus from Narita Airport, and to this day associate the beat with my first trip to your country and all the impressions I made.

        Furthermore, if you have some time, here is a three part documentary on J Dilla by Stüssy.

        Peace y'all!


        My twitter

        2011-02-07 22:00:00投稿者 : Chris Mako

          Chris Mako presents: The Dilated Remixes!

          Ohayo Japan,

          it's your boy CHRIS! Now I know mondays can be shit - some of you have to go back to school, university or 
          work. Therefore, I thought I might give you some more free stuff to listen to and maybe set your mood right 
          for the week! 

          This time, I present you some Remixes that I did for 
          the Dilated Peoples crew - to me one of the best crews in Hiphop representing Los Angeles, California. 

          The Remix Collection features 5 tracks, and I also 
          added the instrumentals for all you DJ's and MC's.

          Here is the track list:
          Dilated Peoples - Love & War / Chris Mako Remix
          Dilated Peoples - Love & War / Chris Mako Remix (Instr.)
          Dilated Peoples - Marathon / Chris Mako Remix
          Dilated Peoples - Marathon / Chris Mako Remix (Instr.)
          Dilated Peoples - You can't hide, you can't run / Chris Mako Remix
          Dilated Peoples - You can't hide, you can't run / Chris Mako Remix (Instr.)
          Evidence - Mr. Slow Slow / Chris Mako Remix
          Evidence - Mr. Slow Flow / Chris Mako Remix (Instr.)
          Evidence - To be continued / Chris Mako Remix

          Here is the video for the "To be continued" Remix: 

          Evidence - To Be Continued...(Chris Mako Remix) from Chris Mako on Vimeo.

          Well, I again hope you guys like it, please share with your friends and make sure to stop by my twitter and tweet me your feedback! 

          PEACE and have a good start into the week! 


          Follow me on twitter

          2011-02-07 09:00:00投稿者 : Chris Mako

            Real Shit - Jay Rock "Diary of a broke N*gga" (prod. by CRADA)

            Whatup everyone, 

            I got new CRADA shit for you! This time, he produced a track for Jay Rock called "Diary of a broke N*gga". 

            Jay Rock is a rapper from Watts, Los Angeles, 
            California who has been voted in the Top 13 
            of the most street artists by the XXL Magazine. 

            I think if you watch the video, there is no doubt 
            why he is in that list.

            You definitely can hear the anger and emotion in this 
            track, and actually shows very well the problems and 
            thoughts when you're coming out of nothing and try 
            to struggle for a life that is worth living. This is some 
            real shit, and Cradas production manifests this even 


            2011-02-05 23:19:50投稿者 : Chris Mako

              Looptroop Rockers - Professional Dreamers

              What's good Nihon,

              first of all let me thank you for your feedback and your downloads for the Desert River Remix I made.
              I am actually very happy with the result so far!

              Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu.

              As I feel great, I wanted to share this song with you as I consider myself a professionel dreamer myself.

              Looptroop-Rockers - Professional Dreamers

              Looptroop is a swedish Hiphop group who are doing music since the 90s and who are rapping in English. In fact, they do this very well, as Sweden (as the rest of the scandinavian countries) have a pretty good school system with learning English and everybody learns English. This is added by the fact that all movies from America are not dubbed - They are always in English in Swedish Television.

              Anyways, back to topic: I really like the song, it feels very much like a summer song (and me personally I would have advised them to release not in January but in May), but here it is.

              The video was shot in Barcelona, Spain with a professional skateboarder and really sets the mood of the song here.

              To finish this post, I wanna share a quote with you that means a lot to me and also relates to dreaming.

              "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today."

              Think about it.

              Follow me on twitter

              2011-02-02 20:41:10投稿者 : Chris Mako

                Chris Mako presents: Desert River - Click Clack Remix!!!

                This is my gift to all SEEDA Blog Readers! 
                Exclusive Click Clack Remix!!

                Or listen to it on youtube:

                Well, I really hope you guys like it!
                It is more darker than the original, as I wanted to 
                make a more aggressive beat.
                Please share it with your friends if you like it! 

                Please make sure to stop by my twitter and send me
                some feedback! 

                Enjoy and thanks for reading this blog! 


                2011-02-01 09:00:00投稿者 : Chris Mako


                  Ohayo Japan,

                  you all love presents right? 
                  Well, I have something nice for you! A thank you for 
                  reading this blog! But what is it?

                  Make sure to come back tomorrow, as I will unveil it on February 1st!!!


                  2011-01-31 09:04:04投稿者 : Chris Mako

                    Chris suggests: Reks - 25th Hour [Prod. Dj Premier]

                    What up Japan, 
                    I have to share this song with you, 
                    it's a fucking banger!

                    Reks is a Underground MC from Boston and is from the Posse of Statik Selektah, who is currently on Tour in 
                    Japan! I been a fan since day one and copped his shit 
                    since his first album "Along came the chosen".

                    I have no clue why he never reached a bigger audience but that dude has the voice and the rhymes!!

                    If you are a fan of real hiphop, do yourself a favor and visit one of the shows of Statik Selektah, he also 
                    brought Termanology with him, another incredibly good MC who will destroy each show!


                    2011-01-27 05:34:41投稿者 : Chris Mako

                      Hamburg Hiphop!

                      What up everyone,

                      I got back from Hamburg, and had lots of fun. I met with a couple of friends that joined me on my last Japan visit in November/December last year.

                      Hamburg is a great city, and whenever you have the chance to come Germany, you should check it out!

                      It's a port town in the north of Germany and it feels a bit like Yokohama, especially the bay area. I failed to make some nice shots as the iphone camera sucks at nighttime (and I was drunk lol), so I dug up these two pics that I liked.

                      Since Hamburg's the topic of this blog I thought I take the opportunity to show you some example of Hiphop from Hamburg.

                      There is one guy who must be mentioned - it's "Samy Deluxe", Hamburgs most famous rapper and also one of the most successful in Germany.

                      Samy started as a straight spitter, he always was a great freestyler and his favorite topic was weed, however with age and time he kinda changed and his music grew with him.

                      This is one of his earlier hits, a weedsmoking anthem and the video is filmed in Amsterdam. :-)

                      His biggest hit until today definitely was "Weck mich auf" (Wake me up), where he talked about a lot of issues from the perspective of the youth about what is going wrong in this country - actually kinda similar when Seeda dropped "Dear Japan" song. I found a video with English subtitles so you guys can understand what he is saying.

                      Now a father himself, he is helping on lots of youth projects in Germany and his music style  changed as well.

                      SAMY DELUXE - DIS WO ICH HERKOMM from DAVID KOENIGSMANN on Vimeo.



                      Chris Mako Twitter

                      2011-01-24 18:45:10投稿者 : Chris Mako

                        Nas Documentary about Cassette Tapes!

                        Hey Japan, thank god it's friday!

                        Weekend is there, and I will leave Frankfurt for the weekend and head to beautiful Hamburg in the Northern Part of Germany. I hope I can blog some pictures later this weekend.

                        My friend "Chrishimself" from a local blog called "RUN FFM" just informed about an interesting documentary about cassette tapes featuring NAS. Make sure to visit his blog too, and show his twitter account some follower love!

                        It's a great documentary and it actually made me think and reminisce a lot, as cassette tapes were so important during my youth and when I was a teenager.

                        I can still remember how I plugged my stereo system to the television to record the songs from Yo! MTV RAPS - for me, it was the only chance to get all these great hiphop songs from Brand Nubian, Grand Puba, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth etc., as it was very hard to get hiphop music in stores back then in Germany.

                        It was a niche genre, from a different country. Times have changed dramatically in fact - today everybody uses the internet, you can get everything you want (and stuff you don't want as well) in the glimpse of an eye. Back then we had cassette tapes, and the resulting mixtapes were rare - you couldn't buy them, they were created with effort and detail.

                        I also remember how we always gave special mixtapes to girls we had a crush on - as the girls knew that it cost some time to actually record the right songs and mix them on a tape. And sometimes the mixtapes worked magic - sometimes they didn't. :-)

                        But I also remember how shitty the downside of cassette tapes often where - the tape screwed up in the deck, broken tapes where I tried to use duct tape to fix my beloved cassette, or tapes that I played so often that the recorded music sounded like hell.

                        Nevertheless, cassette tapes were always a part of Hiphop, please never forget that.

                        Enjoy your weekend everyone,

                        I am off for Hamburg now.



                        Chris Mako Twitter

                        2011-01-21 22:28:43投稿者 : Chris Mako

                          Kool Savas - Futurama

                          Dear Japan,as mentioned in my very first blog post I also want to show you some German Hiphop Artists and their songs, as it might be interesting to see what "ze Germans" do over here.

                          I wanna start off my series of German rap videos with "Kool Savas", probably the most famous MC in Germany.

                          "Kool Savas" is a legend in German Hiphop and been in the game since many years. I also really like the video which was shot, directed and edited by my friends from the Famefabrik, a video production crew who have lots of buzz in Germany as they create videos that look really expensive but aren't :-)

                          Oh and thanks for all the new twitter followers! Keep it coming, people! Chris Mako Twitter

                          2011-01-20 19:36:31投稿者 : Chris Mako

                            Nneka Heartbeat CRADA Remix featuring Nas!

                            tadaima. it's me again. Chris.

                            Maybe some of you have heard of soul artist "Nneka", who is getting more and more famous as we speak - with her wonderful soul music influenced by her african roots. 

                            A great song is Heartbeat: 

                            Now, in order to promote her music in the United States her label requested a remix of this song to give it a more "urban" touch, and my man "CRADA" was hired to do the job. Additionally, we got the amazing opportunity to work with a legendary Queensbridge rapper to bless the remix too - none other than "NAS" himself. 

                            This is what "CRADA" envisioned and made.

                            Very different from the original, big orchestra, fucking epic.

                            Let me know what you think! How? 

                            Just follow me on twitter: 

                            2011-01-19 07:38:00投稿者 : Chris Mako

                              Crazy Eminem Freestyle on UK Radio


                              can a day start better with a nice freestyle from 
                              Eminem, Royce 5"9 and Mr. Porter? This nice spitting 
                              session was recorded during a visit in the UK on BBC 1, and I want you to pay attention to Eminem's freestyle 
                              skills in this.


                              I mean seriously, his freestyle lyrics are destroying 
                              95% of most MC's written lyrics - this guy is a monster!!

                              2011-01-19 07:06:45投稿者 : Chris Mako

                                DJ Premier & Pete Rock Interview - Two Legends!!

                                Hey everyone,

                                I just came across this great and highly interesting documentary with two legendary producers from New York - Dj Premier and Pete Rock. 

                                I grew up with their productions and they made so many great songs and unbelievable beats, check out the video to hear first hand what they say about their songs and others during a vinyl check! 

                                Luckily the video is also subtitled in japanese, so please enjoy. 

                                Sitdown With DJ Premier & Pete Rock from DJPremierBlog on Vimeo.

                                I was also very happy and lucky to see Pete Rock performing last November in Shibuya at Club Microcosmos, wonder if any of y'all readers was there too - He had a great set and played a lot of classics. Good Times indeed. Peace!

                                2011-01-18 05:40:58投稿者 : Chris Mako

                                  Guten Abend Japan!

                                  What up!

                                  This is Chris Mako from Doitsu. I was invited by Seeda to write on this blog too, and I am very honored that he asked me! I am sorry but my written japanese is really bad, so I will blog here in English, I hope you guys will understand!

                                  So I suppose I am to introduce myself too so that you understand what I do and what I will blog here. I am a friend of Seeda and we got in contact through music business basically. I take care of the productions of a German urban music producer called "CRADA" in Japanese Market, and once approached Seeda with some song ideas - the rest is history, "CRADA" produced three songs on Seedas "Breathe" Album and I hope you guys liked them! :-)

                                  Besides this, I also produce hiphop myself since many years, beeing an avid hiphop fan since I was twelve years old. But in the last years I kinda opened myself for hiphop from all around the world and not only from the US, and there is so much good stuff from everywhere and Germany too, I hope I can show you some examples in my blogging future.

                                  And yeah, I love japanese hiphop, although it is very hard for me to follow the lyrics, I can tell if someone has good flow, good voice and of course the right beat.

                                  So anyways, my video of today is from The LOX and called "get that paper" produced by my man CRADA - really mellow production on this one, like it a lot!

                                  That's it for today, cos I gotta take care of my paper too! Let's get that Yen, people! (^_^) <-- Even if my japanese writing sucks, at least I can do the emoticons haha.

                                  Auf Wiedersehen,


                                  2011-01-17 22:00:00投稿者 : Chris Mako
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