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Kid Ink feat. Wale & Meek Mill - Bad Ass (Chris Mako Remix)

Hey everyone, it's Chris Mako! Oh Lord, it's been ages since I posted here. Gomene! 

I have created a new remix for the Track "Bad Ass" by Kid Ink and the MMG Artists Wale and Meek Mill, and wanted to spread the word about this track a little bit in Japan!

I hope you like it!

Thanks for listening & drop me a message how you like it! But only if you like it, haha! 

Peace, Chris

2013-06-05 00:00:00投稿者 : Chris Mako


    And we're dropping another one! Check out the new mixtape by K3N MAST3RS! This time, we're dropping mostly New York shit for you guys! Enjoy!

    Here is an additional download link!


    2012-11-18 13:26:13投稿者 : Chris Mako


      Today will be a lot of fun at the club! Make sure to come by! GIANT STEP @ CLUB VISION, TOKYO! Party with K3N MAST3RS and your favorite german producer tonite in Shibuya! lol Since we care for you guys, make sure to mention you are a friend of Chris Mako at the entry - you’ll then get in for 1000 Yen including 1 Free Drink! Not too bad, right? K3N plays 2 slots from 22:45-23:30 and 1:00-2:00.

      2012-10-18 15:28:25投稿者 : Chris Mako

        『GIANT STEP』Party this thursday with us!

        Hey everyone,

        my friend K3N MAST3RS will be playing this thursday at a new Hiphop Party called "GIANT STEP" at the CLUB VISION in Shibuya, and we wanna invite you guys to come over and party with us! I'll be there too, so come around for a drink and good music!

        『GIANT STEP』
        10/18 (THU)
        22:00 ~ 5:00
        ADM 女性 ¥1.000 w1D 男性 ¥2.000 w1D
        ■ GAIA
        DJ SOULJAH
        DJ 8MAN
        DJ KEN-SUKE+C.T
        * WHITE
        K3N MAST3RS
        Lark Chillout
        DJ KAZUKI
        side MC ISH-ONE

        See you guys there!

        Chris Mako

        2012-10-17 11:46:21投稿者 : Chris Mako

          EGO - NEW ALBUM!

          Whatup Japan,

          this time I am writing in your timezone, because I am in Japan right now enjoying my time here!

          You might remember I did the "PRAY" Joint with EGO. He released his new album last friday,
          and besides being mad proud for him I want you guys to check it out!

          Here's two videos from his album!

          Check out his blog here:


          Chris Mako

          2012-10-14 23:24:35投稿者 : SEEDA feat. MoNDoH, Chris Mako

            Germanys new Hiphop-Shootingstar "CRO"

            What up fam,

            time to get my blogging game up and running again, been way to silent about me.

            I was thinking what I could show you from my side of the planet.

            Well, how about a new young artist from Germany, who has reached levels of fame and popularity

            with his music in about one year. Now, he is one of the few artists EVER who has I think 7 singles in the Top

            100 Charts over here! Some of his videos have views of 25 Million! That's a lot for a small country like

            Germany, trust me. So who is this mysterious guy you ask yourself? His name is "CRO", he wears a panda mask all the time, and he doesn't show his face to the public!

            He calls his music "RAOP" - a mix of RAP and POP. Oh, and he also produces beats!

            Here are a couple songs.

            What you guys think?

            Oh, I also now have a facebook presence, so come and like my page, show some love, I have some free downloads for you, so why don't you come over, tell your friends and let's connect!

            Chris Mako on Facebook

            Chris Mako on Twitter

            So long Japan!

            2012-08-09 23:00:00投稿者 : Chris Mako

              We eat good!

              What's good peoples, as Seeda already explained that I met him today in Omiya - was my first time going towards Saitama direction! 

              We had a good talk about many things, and went to couple restaurants coz Seeda likes to eat a lot actually recently!

              You all know him as sporty guy before, but he gained so much weight since his marriage that he now
              tries to become Fat Joe of Japan.

              Luckily, I made a picture, here is FAT SEEDA! LOL


              Peace, your boy 

              2012-06-24 23:35:00投稿者 : Chris Mako


                Whatup everybody and happy new year! It's been a while again since my last post. So much shit to do. Anyways, I hope you guys are all fine, and have a great year 2012 ahead of you!

                I already posted this on my blog as well, but wanted to share with all blog readers here as well!

                Finally got some time to post this dope mixtape by my homie DJ Steph from Frankfurt, Germany! Besides being a great guy, his range of mixtapes are pretty dope and he realized a great tape for you guys called “Jordan’s & a Gold Chain”. The title summarizes the feeling of the mixtape, and features great tracks and blends. So gear up your Jordans, lace your chains, load up your iPhone and represent Real Hiphop!

                Do yourself a favor and Download the mixtape now - it's free and easy via Soundcloud!

                Peace! Chris Mako

                2012-01-30 02:40:00投稿者 : Chris Mako

                  Back from LA, next stop Tokyo!

                  Good Morning People,

                  this is Chris! Just got back from LA! I had a great time and wanted to show you some few pics that I made.

                  Now I am repacking my shit and will fly to Tokyo! I will stay in Japan until end of November, and already looking forward meeting so many cool people! Some I only yet know from Skype, so I'll be happy to meet them in person and have couple drinks and good talk!

                  I'll be also working on music and bring my shit as well as these dope beats by CRADA, so holla at me if you wanna connect! 

                  Right, gotta keep on packing! 

                  See you! 


                  2011-11-10 09:06:30投稿者 : Chris Mako

                    これぞ_HIPHOP! 2 - NEW MIXTAPE (FREE DOWNLOAD)

                    What's up Guys,

                    I hope you're ready to bang your smartphones, mobiles, pc speakers or headphones, because we are dropping some hot new mixtape for you guys!! 

                    As always, only exclusive on this blog, keep remembering us for giving you free dope shit ya heard! 

                    If you liked the first mixtape, the 2nd is a must-download for all Hiphop-Fans no matter Old or New School, we got all the heat on this mixtape! 

                    So share this with your friends, drop the good word on it and make sure the Downloads go through the roof with this!

                    CHRIS MAKO PRESENTS: これぞ_HIPHOP! 2 

                    Mixed by DJ K3N MAST3RS

                    FREE DOWNLOAD #1

                    FREE DOWNLOAD #2

                    FREE DOWNLOAD #3

                    FREE DOWNLOAD #4

                    Due to demand use of some links might be busy, so try all of them in case of any problem.

                    Enjoy the mixtape Japan, you know we have mad love for you! 


                    CHRIS & K3N

                    P.S. K3N is now on Twitter too, show him some follower love and get in touch with him! 

                    K3N MAST3RS Twitter 

                    CHRIS MAKO Twitter

                    2011-10-17 18:00:00投稿者 : Chris Mako

                      NEW MIXTAPE COMING TODAY!

                      CONCRETE GREEN BLOG!

                      MIXTAPE DROPS MONDAY 17TH OCTOBER 18:00 PM

                      Make sure to come back later today and get some new secret shit today! 


                      2011-10-17 04:26:19投稿者 : Chris Mako

                        Chris Mako - Beats, Loops and a Fistful of Yen (Free Album Download)

                        What's Good Japan! Hisashiburi desu ne.

                        I have been on the road constantly in the last months, and never really had the peace to sit down and write something, although so many things happen where you don't know where to start or end. I traveled around Europe, CRADA moved to London for his next step in his production career, and of course Japanese Female Soccer Team won the World Championship only 5 Minutes away from my Home.

                        Anyways, today I want to share something very special for you. I have created my first Instrumental Album in the last months, and it consists of beats and loops I did in the last years. I like to listen to these mellow and chilled beats when I'm traveling, and I hope you will enjoy this instrumental Hiphop album too.

                        Initially, I wanted to sell this on iTunes, but I decided I want to give it to you for free as a CONCRETE GREEN Blog Exclusive!

                        Here is

                        "Beats, Loops and a Fistful of Yen"

                        Use one of the links below to Download:

                        FREE DOWNLOAD #1

                        FREE DOWNLOAD #2

                        FREE DOWNLOAD #3

                        FREE DOWNLOAD #4

                        Please enjoy, and let me know if you like it.

                        And keep following me on twitter!

                        One Love,

                        Chris Mako Twitter

                        2011-08-29 03:00:00投稿者 : Chris Mako

                          これぞ HIPHOP! Mixtape - Free Download!

                          Dear Japan,

                          it's been a while since I blogged here. I am sorry, but life really is crazy at the moment.

                          But it's okay, I chose it!

                          Nice Guy I am, I have something for you today - as it is my birthday, and I thought it might be cool to create a little mixtape with my friend and DJ "K3N MAST3RS" - with whom I also brought you the "Doitsu Bangaz" Mixtape.

                          Please enjoy "これぞ HIPHOP!" - a mixtape we did with some great tracks by Slum Village, Planet Asia, Jurassic 5 and many more!
                          Also, there are a few beats I created that I smuggled into this mixtape, maybe you like them as well!

                          Thank you from all of us for reading this blog, and make sure to always come by as you know we always keep giving you something back!

                          Don't listen to that fake shit, come over to Concrete Green Blog for the real stuff!


                          "これぞ HIPHOP!" - Free Download (Click here)

                          One Love Japan!

                          Hope to see y'all guys soon!



                          P.S. Booking agents hit me up, we're looking to play in your club or bar in Japan!

                          2011-06-21 07:00:00投稿者 : Chris Mako


                            Good Evening Japan!

                            It's been a bit silent from my side, as I was really busy traveling around Europe in the last two weeks.

                            I will post some pictures soon, in the meantime I have to chill a bit to regain some Energy - and I found the perfect soundtrack for that!

                            Please download the below mixtape by Uncle Tex - he is a great guy from Paris, France whom I met last year as we worked together on a project. He is a pioneer in Hiphop from France and in the game since day one.

                            He chose a range of great Soul, Funk, Rnb music mainly from the 70's, and it's perfect to listen to and have a good time.

                            And if you are listening closely, you will find lots of original samples from many hiphop songs in there!


                            FREE DOWNLOAD HERE!

                            I really hope you enjoy it!



                            Like it? Why don't you follow my twitter then?

                            2011-05-14 23:00:00投稿者 : Chris Mako

                              Schalke vs. ManU - UEFA Champions League

                              Hey Fellas,

                              a bit late but I was really sick the last days, but am genki again at last. I had the chance to visit the Home game of Schalke vs ManU in Germany last week - big up to my man Gavin from London who hooked me up with some VIP tickets!




                              As you can see, I was dressed all red that day - by accident.

                              I am so baka I did forget that it's the colors of ManU!

                              So I was only German guy in Red, the rest was dressed in blue as these are the colors of Schalke! LOL

                              But Schalke overall lost, and I suppose that will happen this week again in Manchester at the Away Game.

                              Well, I hope you like soccer too!



                              My twitter

                              2011-05-02 05:58:44投稿者 : Chris Mako

                                New Coma-Chi - Say "No"! (produced by Chris Mako) - FREE DOWNLOAD

                                What's good Nihon,

                                about 2 weeks ago the awesome "Coma-Chi" was in Europe for Vacation, and came to visit me on short notice and time in Frankfurt where I live!

                                Initially, I thought we meet to mainly talk about possible future projects with CRADA, but she also had written some lyrics while she was in Europe and she made it very clear that she wants to record a song rightaway with the very little time left in Germany. (^_^)

                                This is what the result sounds like. I hope you like it!

                                Shoutout to "Coma-Chi" for working with me, she is really great!


                        <-- GET IT HERE!

                                It's an important topic, so please listen and think about it.

                                Thank you everyone!


                                Follow me on twitter

                                2011-04-24 23:42:50投稿者 : Chris Mako

                                  New Hiphop Shit!

                                  Ohayo Japan,

                                  some new tracks I dig and like!

                                  New Raekwon with production by ALCHEMIST!!

                                  Raekwon - Ferry Boat Killaz from LRG on Vimeo.

                                  Oh, and please listen and download the new mixtape by "DONNIS" called "Southern Lights".

                                  He is very talented, and he lived in Tokyo for more than 3 years! 

                                  Donnis X Tokyo - Converse from bbgun on Vimeo.

                                  Check out the track "BLACKBERRY MOLASSES" produced by my main man "CRADA", he co-produced the song for him! 

                                  2011-04-18 04:02:46投稿者 : Chris Mako

                                    Barcelona calling...

                                    Hey everyone,

                                    the last few days I was in Barcelona, Spain for a video shoot with a soccer player.

                                    Barcelona is really wonderful, the architecture is so amazing!

                                    I made some photos.

                                    On the rooftop of my hotel.

                                    The Church "SAGRADA FAMILIA" - its really huge and absolutely stunning!


                                    "Jamón" - Spanish Ham on a local market. Kore wa oishii desu yo!!


                                    But I also had to work and make sure that this shooting will be fine.

                                    Can you tell who it is?


                                    Shoutout to Lionel Messi for a good job!


                                    Please take care everyone,



                                    My twitter

                                    2011-04-11 05:55:13投稿者 : Chris Mako

                                      what up SEEDA

                                      Yo Seeda,

                                      I really had to laugh out loud. Thank you for blogging to our audience that I am baka guy! Much appreciated lol

                                      Holy Shit, that new Prodigy "DOG SHIT" is a fucking banger!!

                                      But I found some hot shit too:

                                      This is by Producer "COPTIK" from Africa - he is preparing an album where african artists are joined by US artists.

                                      Oh and still this "9th Wonder" production is not getting out of my head - rap is by "MEDIAN" who is really an inspiring artist.

                                      Ich freue mich, das unsere Wege sich gekreuzt haben, Homie.



                                      Tweet me

                                      2011-04-05 03:00:00投稿者 : Chris Mako

                                        Greetings from Frankfurt

                                        Hey everyone,

                                        we had great weather this weekend in Frankfurt.

                                        I went to our local river "Main" that runs through the city center, and had a walk around and chilled in the sun.



                                        I also had a German "Licher" Beer - really tasty!


                                        Oh, and here is a great song by "U-N-I" from LA. I really think they are dope rappers and the raps, beat and video
                                        really feels like "Pharcyde" back in the days. Hope it gives you some energy for this monday.



                                        My twitter

                                        2011-04-04 06:15:22投稿者 : Chris Mako

                                          New Video - Chris Mako 「CLARITY」

                                          Dear Japan,

                                          this weekend I made a new beat called 「CLARITY」. Since I thought it is nicer to have it with a video, I took some footage from my last Japan visit and created a little something. I also got some nice footage by my man chrishimself from the blog - he also was quite often in Japan and we both share so many good memories with Japan.

                                          To me it was like a beat that reflects travelling - and "Nighttime", so that's why I made the video as it is.

                                          I really like listening to these type of beats from other producers as well when I am on the road or when I need some moments to chill and think.

                                          I guess this type of beat helps me find some Clarity for the inner me - hence the title 「CLARITY」. Maybe it does help you in the same way. Please enjoy!

                                          Follow me twitter

                                          2011-03-30 22:30:27投稿者 : Chris Mako

                                            Remember Onyx?

                                            Ladies and Gents,

                                            I really hope everyone is doing well!

                                            Any of you still remember the "hardest rapgroup" on this earth - Onyx? Yep, now they only consist of Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Starr - still they know how to spit. They got a new song and video out called "CLASSIC TERROR" - video seems to be made on the road on tour in Europe. Video is a bit like being on drugs, but don't let it fool you, I think the song is pretty dope - my banger recommendation for the moment! Those two have really outstanding voices as well!

                                            Take care everyone.


                                            My Twitter

                                            2011-03-27 05:45:51投稿者 : Chris Mako

                                              Chakuza - Charity Song for Japan

                                              Dear Japan,

                                              it's been a bit silent from me in the last 2 weeks, gomene for that.

                                              Actually I was a bit lost and did not want to write about silly things like music in times when Japan faced so much trouble with tsunami and the situation in Fukushima. Also I was worried for my friends living in Japan - still am - but just hope that life will get back to normal as soon as possible.

                                              I am proud that another guy from Doitsu (actually now living here, he is originally from Austria) also wanted to do something to help and recorded a charity song for Japan which is available on itunes in Germany. People can download it, all money goes to Japanese Red Cross.

                                              This is the song by rapper "CHAKUZA".

                                              I like his statement in the beginning "Download the song for 1 Euro (around 100yen), instead of buying a cheeseburger." I agree.

                                              The song actually is not only about Japan - it is about us humans and our relation to mother Earth.
                                              Some things we cannot change - but some things are like they are because of us.

                                              WE can make a difference - and we all should try our best. Try to help others. Avoid plastic bags. Don't treat this planet like shit. Just a few things we actually can do to make a difference.

                                              I hope you like it!

                                              Oh, and thanks a lot for all the feedback on my song with "EGO". Still speechless and glad so many people felt it. It's priceless if music can touch people. I am very thankful.

                                              Thanks & Stay strong Japan!



                                              My twitter

                                              2011-03-22 04:00:00投稿者 : Chris Mako

                                                We Pray for Japan!

                                                Dear people of Japan,

                                                I am still shocked about everything that happened in the last few days! It was really hard for me seeing the news and just beeing unable to do anything and see this disaster happening!

                                                German people are deeply touched and we send our prayers and hopes!

                                                But actually there was one thing I could put my energy in - and which I did this weekend.

                                                Tokyo-based rapper "EGO" approached me to do a song for Japan, and this is what we created.

                                                So finally, we both could do something to vent our emotions into. Hope you guys feel it!

                                                Here are his Lyrics:
                                                My uncle said so,again rest in peace

                                                sometime all we can do is just to pray
                                                My father, man you are gettin older now
                                                My baby また一つ増えたSCAR

                                                見降ろす足 we are still here
                                                あきらめてねーやついまhands in da air
                                                胸にこみ上げる想いでもnothin to say
                                                いま見上げる空now i just pray
                                                Let me pray 天に向かって今askin
                                                pray 返事なくてもstill askin
                                                pray im feelin im nothin
                                                so i pray so i pray

                                                どうしよもないくらいlove is painful
                                                ならある意味love is rainbow
                                                祈るしかねよな状況 でも still fight
                                                どうしよもねーよな状況でも still try
                                                そこまで来てる涙でも we still smile

                                                we are still here
                                                まだ終わってねやついまhands in da air
                                                胸に込み上げる想いでもnothin to say
                                                いま見上げる空now i just pray
                                                Let me pray 天に向かってみなaskin
                                                pray 返事なくてもstill askin
                                                pray im feelin im nothin
                                                so i pray so i pray
                                                誰も予想してなかったshit is crazy
                                                次の日東京、空ならsky blue

                                                we are feelin so powerless
                                                now everybody hope everybody hope

                                                いつ来る次、わかんねまだnext one
                                                i feel like now the god is really testing us
                                                now everybody pray everybody pray


                                                Let's pray and stay strong JAPAN - I know you can do it!

                                                Lots of Love,


                                                2011-03-13 22:38:08投稿者 : Chris Mako

                                                  DOITSU BANGAZ!! - MIXTAPE - FREE DOWNLOAD

                                                  Minna-san, thanks, for stopping by. Here is the mixtape for you!

                                                  CHRIS MAKO PRESENTS: DOITSU BANGAZ!!

                                                  MIXED BY K3N MAST3RS


                                                  CLICK THE COVER TO DOWNLOAD OR GET IT HERE!



                                                  Tefla&Jaleel - Rythmus Mafiosi
                                                  Azad feat. Curse - Rapresentieren
                                                  La Familia - Harte Zeiten
                                                  Pal One - Hard Hittin'
                                                  Plattenpapzt feat. Kool Savas - King of Rap
                                                  Jonesmann feat. Blaze - Snake Eyes
                                                  Instinkt & Azad - Für immer im Wahn
                                                  Lunafrow - Grundsatzerklärung
                                                  Square One - Take your time
                                                  Curse feat. Square One - Sufis Remix
                                                  KC Da Rookee - Wake up
                                                  Stieber Twins feat. Max & Samy Deluxe - Malaria
                                                  STF - Comeback
                                                  Creuzfeld & Jakob - Partner Teil 1 (K3N MAST3RS Remix Blend)
                                                  Tone feat Yassir, Azad - Würd' ich nicht rappen
                                                  Dundee - Bist du da für mich? (Produced by Chris Mako)

                                                  My boy K3N and me hope you guys will enjoy!!!

                                                  K3N definitely likes to use Street Fighter Sound Effects! LOL

                                                  Let me know your opinion and your favorite songs!


                                                  My twitter

                                                  2011-03-07 18:00:00投稿者 : Chris Mako

                                                    Doitsu Bangaz - The Mixtape - Premiere today!

                                                    Whatup Japan,

                                                    I wanted to show you some more stuff from Germany, so with some great help of
                                                    my good friend DJ K3N MAST3RS I came up with a mixtape called "DOITSU BANGAZ".

                                                    This features cool German Hiphop songs from the past 12 years that we both liked.


                                                    The mixtape will only be available here for free download, so please come back today at 6:00 PM,
                                                    and download this mixtape that I compiled and is mixed by K3N MAST3RS.

                                                    I am excited to see how you like it!



                                                    My Twitter

                                                    2011-03-07 03:22:46投稿者 : Chris Mako


                                                      Dear Japan,

                                                      I am sorry but I can't release the remix that should 
                                                      premiere today on this blog. 

                                                      Due to legal stuff and copyright issues beyond my 
                                                      control I can't release it for now.

                                                      I am very sorry to have announced it first, but you 
                                                      know this is music so shit can happen.

                                                      BUT don't worry please - I will make up for it soon, I 

                                                      I am working on something else at the moment 
                                                      especially for you - it be done very soon.

                                                      Thanks for your understanding. 


                                                      2011-03-02 16:20:33投稿者 : Chris Mako

                                                        New Desert River Remix - PREMIERE AT 3月2日 6:00 PM

                                                        Hey Guys,

                                                        I have created a new remix of a Desert River (SEEDA, bron-k, OHLD) track.
                                                        I am not spoiling which one, but I am currently finalising everything, and the track will be Online later today.

                                                        Make sure to come back for the

                                                        DESERT RIVER REMIX PREMIERE
                                                        3月2日 at 6:00 PM!

                                                        Again, it will be FREE DOWNLOAD, so make sure to come by and download the track!



                                                        My Twitter

                                                        2011-03-02 06:00:00投稿者 : Chris Mako

                                                          New Kid on the Block - Mac Miller!

                                                          Guten Morgen meine japanischen Freunde!

                                                          It's your boy CHRIS back on the blog, having some quality freetime with some beatmaking and a glass of Suntory Hibiki - man I like it a lot!

                                                          Y'all know Wiz Khalifa right? Well actually I wanna show you another rapper from Pittsburgh who goes by the name of "Mac Miller". He is definitely on the rise, and seeing that his videos have around 4-5 Million views, he surely has some buzz on the net. He is pretty young (19) and reminds me like he starred in the movie "Kids" lol. Actually, he named his latest (and tres dope) mixtape "K.I.D.S."

                                                          He's young, rapping about chilling, girls, weed and our all beloved "Nike's on my feet".

                                                          I really like the feeling of his tracks, he seems to have fun doing what he does and the beats have a wonderful 90s vibe to it - so y'all know grandpa Chris loves that Shit LOL

                                                          Enough talk, let the music speak - Minna-san, here is Mac Miller!

                                                          Pretty dope right?

                                                          Check out his free mixtape!


                                                          Twitter me and let me know if you like it or not!


                                                          Follow me on twitter

                                                          2011-02-28 08:00:00投稿者 : Chris Mako

                                                            The Game feat. Snoop Dogg - Purp & Yellow!!

                                                            Good Morning Japan,

                                                            I will continue to write for SEEDA's blog a little longer (Thx SEEDA!), so what can I show you today...

                                                            Actually I am really busy at the moment, so I'll do a longer post next time - if I don't go karoshi lol

                                                            How about this fucking banging track of The Game feat. Mr."puffpuffpass" Snoop Doog - It's Purp & Yellow!

                                                            Nice Remix and Arrangement of the Wiz Khalifa joint!

                                                            Shout out to MoNDoH by the way! Looks like he had a good time judging from the last pics from his post! But Alcohol is no solution, buddy! :-)



                                                            2011-02-25 08:14:48投稿者 : Chris Mako
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