Germanys new Hiphop-Shootingstar "CRO"

What up fam,

time to get my blogging game up and running again, been way to silent about me.

I was thinking what I could show you from my side of the planet.

Well, how about a new young artist from Germany, who has reached levels of fame and popularity

with his music in about one year. Now, he is one of the few artists EVER who has I think 7 singles in the Top

100 Charts over here! Some of his videos have views of 25 Million! That's a lot for a small country like

Germany, trust me. So who is this mysterious guy you ask yourself? His name is "CRO", he wears a panda mask all the time, and he doesn't show his face to the public!

He calls his music "RAOP" - a mix of RAP and POP. Oh, and he also produces beats!

Here are a couple songs.

What you guys think?

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So long Japan!

2012-08-09 23:00:00投稿者 : Chris Mako