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Chris Mako - Beats, Loops and a Fistful of Yen (Free Album Download)

What's Good Japan! Hisashiburi desu ne.

I have been on the road constantly in the last months, and never really had the peace to sit down and write something, although so many things happen where you don't know where to start or end. I traveled around Europe, CRADA moved to London for his next step in his production career, and of course Japanese Female Soccer Team won the World Championship only 5 Minutes away from my Home.

Anyways, today I want to share something very special for you. I have created my first Instrumental Album in the last months, and it consists of beats and loops I did in the last years. I like to listen to these mellow and chilled beats when I'm traveling, and I hope you will enjoy this instrumental Hiphop album too.

Initially, I wanted to sell this on iTunes, but I decided I want to give it to you for free as a CONCRETE GREEN Blog Exclusive!

Here is

"Beats, Loops and a Fistful of Yen"

Use one of the links below to Download:





Please enjoy, and let me know if you like it.

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One Love,

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