これぞ HIPHOP! Mixtape - Free Download!

Dear Japan,

it's been a while since I blogged here. I am sorry, but life really is crazy at the moment.

But it's okay, I chose it!

Nice Guy I am, I have something for you today - as it is my birthday, and I thought it might be cool to create a little mixtape with my friend and DJ "K3N MAST3RS" - with whom I also brought you the "Doitsu Bangaz" Mixtape.

Please enjoy "これぞ HIPHOP!" - a mixtape we did with some great tracks by Slum Village, Planet Asia, Jurassic 5 and many more!
Also, there are a few beats I created that I smuggled into this mixtape, maybe you like them as well!

Thank you from all of us for reading this blog, and make sure to always come by as you know we always keep giving you something back!

Don't listen to that fake shit, come over to Concrete Green Blog for the real stuff!


"これぞ HIPHOP!" - Free Download (Click here)

One Love Japan!

Hope to see y'all guys soon!


P.S. Booking agents hit me up, we're looking to play in your club or bar in Japan!

2011-06-21 07:00:00投稿者 : Chris Mako