New Video - Chris Mako 「CLARITY」

Dear Japan,

this weekend I made a new beat called 「CLARITY」. Since I thought it is nicer to have it with a video, I took some footage from my last Japan visit and created a little something. I also got some nice footage by my man chrishimself from the blog - he also was quite often in Japan and we both share so many good memories with Japan.

To me it was like a beat that reflects travelling - and "Nighttime", so that's why I made the video as it is.

I really like listening to these type of beats from other producers as well when I am on the road or when I need some moments to chill and think.

I guess this type of beat helps me find some Clarity for the inner me - hence the title 「CLARITY」. Maybe it does help you in the same way. Please enjoy!

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2011-03-30 22:30:27投稿者 : Chris Mako